Welcome to the Feel Good Festival & the Feel Good Music Project!

Did you know that  “Music has a greater impact on human behavior than any other form of media including TV,Movies and Video Games.” The Feel Good Music Project (FGMP) aims to change the lives of thousands of at risk youth with positive music and healthy lifestyle choices including yoga, fitness and healthy food.

FGMP is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of Feel Good Music Project must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.  FGMP combines the musical tour  “Feel Good Festival” and compilation CD “Feel Good Music Project” from 10 up and coming positive music artists, which elevate people to “Feel Good” using positive vehicles.  Please feel free to get involved by coming to a concert, buying a CD or making a donation by clicking the links below.  Please watch the video below for an event preview.

FeelGoodFestival.net from SwingSlide Media on Vimeo.

How You Can Participate (Please click link that applies to you)

  • Donate - Donate to the Feel Good Music Project and change live by spreading positive music across the world.
  • Fans -Tour Dates/Buy Tickets - the Feel Good Festival is coming to a city near you. Come and join the celebration and meet new conscious minded people!
  • Yoga Studios – Along with the main event, yoga instructor, and Master Results Coach Chad Scott will be leading a daytime yoga workshop titled “Peak Life Yoga Workshop” in various cities on the tour. We are currently looking for local yoga studios to help host this workshop and promote the main event of the tour. For more on Peak Life Yoga Workshop visit Peak Life Yoga
  • Health, Fitness & Corporate  Sponsors – We are currently actively pursuing sponsorship from corporations that promote optimum health and sustainability, such as health food/beverage companies, yoga companies, and active wear.
  • Product Sponsorships – For those who can’t give financial sponsorship, but are still interested in supporting, we are also looking for companies to provide in-kind sponsorship or product donations to be distributed at the event.
  • BandsMusic is the backbone our entire tour and we are currently seeking up-and-coming artists and bands dedicated to inspiring and spreading a positive healthy message to listeners everywhere, starting with our tour this summer.
  • Non-Profit Beneficiaries – We are actively involved with non-profits and are interested in finding ways to promote and support their causes.
  • Media & Press – Any media, press, or advertising inquiries should be directed here.